IT Support

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Friendly and easy to understand

Our aim is to make sure your IT works for you. Making sure you can focus on your business. We explain things in simple terms with a friendly approach.

Remote Access

Sometimes you just need to ask a quick question. With remote support we can see what you see, making it easier to explain and understand the problem.

Site Visits

Sometimes we may have to visit your site. If this is the case, you can be sure of a professional manner from us. Have a contract with us? We aim to visit your site once a month within the contract terms.


We can supply, maintain and install new servers for your business. Control what users do on your network and have one central point of backup.

Laptop & Desktop Hardware

Need new computers for your business? Want to make sure they will do what you need them to? Why not ask us for support when it comes to replacing old hardware.

User Support

We can supply your business with user support. This support can be done remotely or onsite. Moving office and need help, why not have a chat with us today.


Have more than one computer in your company? Need to share data between them? Networking is a great way of doing this. We can plan a network and provide you with the best solution to meet your needs, wired or wirelessly.

Internet & Mobile Connections

We offer competitive rates on all internet connection types including fiber, leased line and traditional broadband, all with our exceptional customer service. Need a 4G or 5G backup, why not speak with us today.

Backup Solutions

Have you ever lost important data? What would happen if your computer died tomorrow? Our backup solutions will put you at ease with regular backups off site to a secure location. This means if your hard drive fails you know your data is safe.

Office Moves

Moving office? Need advice of setting up a new one? We can help with your IT needs. Moving office can be a pain, but we can help make sure all users are ready to go and support their needs. Setting up an office is no longer a headache.

Ad-Hoc Engineer

Does your business need a little extra help? Do you need an engineer to visit site and install new equipment? We can visit your site, liaise with your IT teams and help support them on the ground. Our charges are competitive and we also have a smile.

Deployment Projects

Need help rolling out a large IT deployment or project? Look no further, we can support your project. Show us the task at hand and we can support your IT teams in delivering the end result, happy users and more projects delivered on time and to standard.

Microsoft 365

Need a business email address on a platform that is reliable? Why not ask about our Microsoft 365 packages and see the benefits of using Outlook, Word, Excel and more today.

End Point Security

Good end point security is a must in todays online world. We can provide your business with security, protecting your users, machines and emails from potential malicious attacks.

VPN Connection

Need a secure connection to your office from the outside world? A VPN connection will allow you to connect to your office from another location. A secure connection is a must for this.

We support companies across the UK, here are some locations we visit.

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