Good hardware in your business can make a difference, allowing your staff to be more productive.


FREE Setup

If you have a support contract with us, we will not charge any additional costs to setup your hardware. This means you can feel assured we offer good hardware for use.



All new hardware purchased from us will come with a 1 year warranty as standard. Where possible we usually obtain 3 year warranties for each piece of mind.



We know sometimes the budget might not stretch as much as you would like. We can also obtain refurbished hardware at competitive rates. You still get free setup with this option.

Desktop Computers

From small form factor desktop computers to graphics design, we can source a computer for you.

Laptop Computers

Laptop computers are great for users on the move. Working from home is now possible and having good hardware will support this move.


Servers are still used in many businesses today. Having a central point on data back and management. We can obtain new servers and software if needed.


Networking is key part of any computer setup. We can source different hardware that will fit your needs. This can be managed or unmanaged.


Looking for a printer to fit your needs? Choose from purchasing a printer outright or paying a monthly charge. Keep in control of your printing needs today.

VOIP Telephones

Need a VOIP business phone? Contact us today and see if we can provide your business with the most up to date phones. We may even be able to help you with telephony costs.


Wireless is very important for users. Make sure you get the right access point for your needs. From standalone access points to managed, let us help you choose the right one.


Need monitors for your business? Need to connect laptops to them with one cable that also charges the laptop? Why not get in touch and see if we can help meet your needs.

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