IT Support Cambridge

Manage your IT costs with this service and spend more time focusing on your business.

Managed IT made simple! You might be asking why would you want a managed IT service in your business? Well, this service will allow you to have a single point of contact for anything IT related. This not only saves time but also allows you to focus on your business while we take care of your IT needs. Our service gives you peace of mind knowing knowing that your IT is being looked after, updated and maintained. Below will give you an idea of just some services we offer. Depending on your requirements will depend on the service costs, so this is why we don't quote any prices here. Why not talk to us today? Contact Us

Helpdesk Support

Any user in your business can call the helpdesk for support. We operate between business hours for standard contracts. If you require support outside of business hours, we can also accommodate this to. Users are supported by remote support as the first point of contact.

Hardware & Software Support

We can look to support your existing hardware and software onsite. Maintaining your hardware is key to making sure you get the expected life expectancy. Support can be provided for software packages like Sage, Microsoft Office and more. 


We look into the future and help you plan any upgrades your business may need. We make sure that any upgrades are relevant and best of all, we don't charge to setup new equipment while your in contract with us. We will then dispose of any old equipment free of charge, helping the planet.

Data Backup

As with any contract, we want to make sure your data is backed up. So within our pricing, we will look to backup your data offsite. This gives you added piece of mind in the event you have any issues.

End Point Security

End point security is very important in todays online world. Our contract package will look to give you this extra layer of security, keeping you safe online. We can monitor and block sites as you require.

Infrastructure Hardware

As part of our contract packages, we can look in install all necessary infrastructure hardware to support your business. This will allow us to monitor your setup and provide VPN access to your systems outside of the office.

We support companies across the UK, here are some locations we visit.

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