Is the world of IT changing?

IT support for working from home, just one of the services we offer to our client base.

As we have seen over the last few months, the world of IT has changed from what we know. Many businesses have now allowed their users to work from home. But is this really the best solution or should your users be working from the office. Many employees would like the option to be flexible with their working location. This can cause your business an IT nightmare if you don't have the correct facilities in place to support this growing need. Many businesses had to learn about VPN's, how to store data in the cloud while still managing the day to day tasks. Here are a few things to consider.


Employee Happiness 

Many employers have consulted with their users and found many would like to come back to the office. This doesn't mean that all employees what do this. Consider splitting your workforce or arranging a rota for home working.

Home Facilities 

So employees may not have the right facilities to work from home. This could be one of the reasons they wish to return to the office. If your employees are using laptops, it might be wise to ask if they would prefer a monitor? Remember that employee wellbeing is still the responsibility of the employer.


IT Support Offsite

Many employers offer there employees IT support. But if your a small company, you might outsource this facility. Does your current provider offer IT support while out of the office? Are they able to keep support users from a number of locations? If not it might be time to review your IT requirements and see what's changed.

Keeping Them Safe

Are you still able to keep laptops or machines up to date while out of the office? Do you know if machines are being updated and kept secure? Many small businesses rely on the user to make sure they report any issues. With a fast pace working environment this could be hard to implement. Updates are key to making sure that all machines and access points to your network are secure. 

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